A classic returns!

Imagine that the Snake game used to be one of the most played computer games. Our fathers and grandfathers played very enthusiastically with it. It is a game that is assigned to the skill game genre. Such games require very good fine motor skills and pronounced reaction skills from players. For me personally, this is only half the truth. Pressing buttons quickly and at the right moment is certainly not so easy, but very easy to do when the hunted object is in close proximity. It looks a little different when it's not. This calls for other skills such as spatial perception or the selection of the best possible target path. This also increases the demands a player has to make for this game. Snake is an excellent example of this, although it is such a spartanly designed game with equally simple rules, but the challenge can be very challenging and very attractive to the player. This is where the well-known saying comes into all that glitters is gold";. There are many examples of this. If you think of Tetris or Mahjong, they are classics whose presentation is limited to the bare essentials, the rules of the game are easy to understand, and probably that's why they are still very popular today and are played with pleasure.

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